Get Your Gypsy Rhythm Right

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The Step-by-Step Method To Easily Master Authentic 'La Pompe' & Latin Gypsy Jazz Rhythms 

We all know that the rhythm guitar is the backbone of Gypsy Jazz, yet most players struggle for that correct and authentic swinging gypsy sound.

Now, finally it's time to get your rhythm right!

In this live masterclass we will get your Gypsy Jazz Rhythm playing up to speed and ready for the jam.

You'll learn the most important rhythm styles 'La Pompe' and Latin. I'll demonstrate them and break them down for you step-by-step so that you can internalize them and play them with confidence.

Whether your dream is to be a shredding lead guitarist, or a rock solid rhythm guitarist, we all need these rhythm skills at the jam. When you can lay down a swinging beat that keeps time your lead guitarist and your audience will love you!

Here's The Gypsy Jazz Skills You'll Master:

🎸 Basic 'La Pompe' Rhythm - and learn the never-fail way to swing quickly.
🎸 Rosenberg Swing Style - A step by-step method to playing rhythm like the best of them!
🎸 The Modern Swing Style - Discover how to switch on the modern swing groove.
🎸 Swing With A Bass Line - I'll teach you my signature gypsy jazz bass line accompaniment.
🎸 The Gypsy Bossa - Get your gypsy bossa pumping using my 3-step method.
🎸 The Gypsy Bolero - You'll learn to play this classic latin rhythm Django style!
🎸 Changing Chords Smoothly - My secret to smoothing out your rhythm.
🎸 Funky Finger Bossa - The hip & funky groove you can apply to any tune.

This Online Masterclass Comes Complete With Video Training, Backing Tracks, Downloadable PDF Music Charts.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Try out my course for 30 days and if you feel it’s not right for you in any way, just email me to let me know, and I’ll send you a refund straight away.