Gypsy Jazz Crash-Course (FREE)

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Get The Free Gypsy Jazz Crash-Course here:

Gypsy Jazz Crash-Course

Begin Your Gypsy Jazz Journey Today

In this FREE fast-paced online crash-course you'll learn:

  • How to get the ‘La Pompe’ swing rhythm down so you can groove, gypsy jazz style.
  • The ONE gypsy jazz chord which will have you playing a ‘Minor Blues’ right away.
  • How to hold the pick and position your strumming arm to get that authentic Django sound.
  • Start soloing quickly by learning a complete chorus of ‘Minor Blues’ using gypsy licks.
  • The authentic and hip chords to ‘Minor Swing’ - the most popular gypsy jazz jam tune.
  • PLUS I’ll teach you my 3 favorite minor licks to expand your soloing skills quickly and give you that gypsy sound.

Get The Free Gypsy Jazz Crash-Course here: <