Gypsy Jazz Foundations

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Gypsy Jazz Foundations
Learn The 5-Pillars Of Gypsy Jazz

This online 5-week training course will give you a rock-solid "foundation" to begin your journey into the world of Gypsy Jazz guitar - a world I fell in love with years ago and am excited to share with you now. 

You'll have immediate lifetime access to the complete course online and can learn at your own page.

Let's bring out the gypsy in your guitar playing and give you the confidence and tools to start jamming and having fun with gypsy jazz, the music of guitar genius, Django Reinhardt. 

To do that I've created a system which is based on what I call the '5 pillars of learning gypsy jazz.' Each of the pillars represent an essential part of learning and playing this music. As you go through each lesson in the course you'll be adding the necessary skills to grow your confidence and abilities. 

You'll learn to play the same way the gypsies learn - by listening, watching and then doing. Learning bite sized lessons and applying them as we go. This will give you the maximum amount of gain from the minimum amount of effort on your part. 

Here's what you'll learn over the coming 5 weeks when you enroll today. Learn at your own pace - you'll have lifetime access to all these lessons.

Gypsy Rhythm (Module-1) - There's no drummer in gypsy jazz. The rhythm guitarist is the drummer and the rest of the band relies on him to be swinging and to always be in time. This section will give you a primer on getting the job done and all the various rhythms you'll encounter at the jam.

Soloing in Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Module-2) - Want to get that authentic Django sound in your solos? This section will get you going. We'll start with a stash of juicy licks for the various chord types. Then we'll look at scales and arpeggios, and my system for ear training to ensure you know the changes of each tune.

Gig Ready Bootcamp (Module-3) - Intros and Outros! In this section I'll teach you some of the Intros and Outros I play with my band at the gig and you'll learn how to create your own. We'll also talk about creating a killer set list, how to deal with stage fright, and some tricks for memorizing tunes.

Making Music With The Band (Module-4) - When it's time to play on stage you want everyone in the band to be in sync so that you sound slick and cool. In this section we'll talk about creating musical arrangements, the art of dynamics, turnarounds, and working with your bass player.

Moving Forward With Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Module-5) - We'll cover warm up exercises, how and what to practice, building your repertoire and finding and developing your own style within gypsy jazz. This is where you'll learn how to take all the lessons learnt in this course and have them become part of the new improved player that you'll be.

Let's begin your Gypsy Jazz adventure together today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Try out my course for 30 days and if you feel it’s not right for you in any way, just email me to let me know, and I’ll send you a refund straight away.