Gypsy Jazz Jumpstart (Minor Swing Masterclass)

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Start Learning Today At Home


Looking To Play Guitar Django Style?

I’ve Cracked The Code To Get You Started,
And In This Course I’m Handing You The Key.
Right Now. 
Are You Ready To Get Going? 

This course will transform your guitar playing and get you Jumpstarted into the world of playing gypsy jazz guitar. It took me years to figure our what’s going on with this style of guitar, and in this course I’m going to pass on some of that knowledge and experience to you in minutes. Exactly where to put your hands and fingers, and how to pick and strum the strings.

Musical theory? Not in this course. Hey, there’s plenty of info out there on gypsy jazz theory. And that stuff’s great - in it’s place. But today’s the day for practical step-by-step, hands-on instruction to get you playing gypsy jazz guitar right now. Today.

We’re going to laser beam focus on a single tune. The Gypsy Jazz equivalent of “Stairway to Heaven” - it’s Django’s classic “Minor Swing” and it’s the single tune you absolutely must know if you want to step into the world of gypsy jazz and hold your own with the big dogs around the campfire.

And I’ll get you there fast so you’ll be playing Minor Swing like a hotshot in time for your next Djam.

Gypsy Jazz Jumpstart

NOTE -This course is designed specifically for guitarists who are relatively new to playing gypsy jazz guitar and want to get started right. If you’ve been playing gypsy guitar for years and have a lot of experience, then this in NOT the course for you. 

- The Gypsy Jazz Jumpstart is an online course with over an hour’s worth of demonstration videos along with downloadable PDFs and backing track MP3s.

- Once your purchase is approved, you’ll be emailed your login information to access the course content on our private website. You’ll have unlimited lifetime access to this material. Please allow 24 hours to receive your login details.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Try out my course for 30 days and if you feel it’s not right for you in any way, just email me to let me know, and I’ll send you a refund straight away.