Gyspy Jazz Songbook & Playalong CD volume 3

Gyspy Jazz Songbook & Playalong CD volume 3

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This is a must have book 'cause it's the only one out there which deals with all the groovy 'Latin' style songs which feature a lot in Gypsy Jazz. Bossa Dorado is a favorite of players and fans all over the world and really is a 'must' to learn. And the way I lay it out makes it easy to do just that. I also took each of the 4 Latin feels (Bolero-Bossa-Tango-Samba) and demonstrate how the Gypsies play them. There are 2 cd's with this one as there was too much info for just 1, so alot to learn from this book.

The Latin Tunes

  • Troublant Bolero
  • Bolero Blue
  • Caravan
  • Bar Del Pi
  • Manha De Carnival
  • Luna Tango
  • Erster Tango
  • Bossa Dorado
  • For Sephora
  • Number 1
  • Summertime
  • Mediterranean Blues

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