Gypsy Jazz Songbook System 1

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Master Django's 'Douce Ambiance' Along With 9 Other Must-Know Gypsy Jazz Classics?
You'll Be Playing These Tunes With Confidence 
At The Jam Tonight!

With the Gypsy Jazz Songbook System volume 1, you'll get access to close to 3-hours of video training on Douce Ambiance, Lady Be Good, and Manoir De Mes Reves, along with my Minor Swing and Nuages bonus insight  videos. Plus the play-along backing tracks CD and the book shipped straight to your door!

Here's What Life Will Be Like After Today:
  • Explode your gypsy jazz repertoire with these 11 hot tunes & finally learn the authentic chords and melodies played by gypsies.
  • Break out these 6 hot Django originals at your next jam - Djangology, Minor Swing, Django's Castle, Nuages, Douce Ambiance, and Blues For Ike.
  • Learn three classic endings which Django used to finish his tunes with panache. Audience slaying secret weapons!
  • Play with total confidence using my proven 3-step training system. For each tune you'll learn the chords, melody, and play along with me using the included backing tracks CD.
  • Learn the One Chord Voicing invented by Django which defies musical logic yet defines the beautuy and elegance of gypsy jazz. Played in Manoir De Mes Reves, Lady Be Good, and Minor Swing.
  • Create solos like a pro using the licks and tricks I've developed over years of playing these tunes. I'll show you how I improvise over Lady Be Good, Douce Ambiance, and Django's Castle.
  • Master gypsy jazz Rhythm and La Pompe. Hear how it's meant to sound, watch us do it, then play along with us!
  • Designed for both lead and rhythm players. 
  • Here's the tunes 11 you'll have under your fingers:  Djangology, Minor Swing, It Don't Mean A Thing, Django's Castle (Manoir De Mes Reves), Sweet Georgia Brown, Honeysuckle Rose, Lady Be Good, Nuages, Douce Ambiance, Blues For Ike, Dark Eyes.

In celebration of the rerelease of my famous Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 1, we have created an exclusive membership website containing close to three-hours of video training on Douce Ambiance, Lady Be Good, and Manoir De Mes Reves, along with my Minor Swing and Nuages bonus insight videos. 

Access to the membership site alone will cost $97 after this limited release. 

Bonus Insight Training:

* Minor Swing - Pimping the Harmony
All the juicy extra chord changes I've learned since publishing the Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 1 back in 2001. These harmonic ideas will open up the tune to give you more options both authentic gypsy and modern sounds.

* 6 Killer Ways To Kick Off Your Minor Swing Solo
Start your solo over 'Minor Swing' with class and grab the attention of your band mates and audience.

* Nuages - Golden Insights
New and hip ideas I've developed playing this tune over the past 20 years. These include ideas from myself, Bireli Lagrene and Jimmy Rosenberg.

Love These Tunes!
Here's just a few of the Must-Know gypsy jazz standards covered in the book (Master These and You'll Be Golden at the Next Jam)!

Dark Eyes - The "Gypsy Anthem". I use this one as an encore at almost every gig and it's always a big audience favourite. Learn just 4 chords and be jamming on this epic tune.

Sweet Georgie Brown - This is one of the first songs I learned (I used to play it with my dad).  A great crossover tune from Country to Gypsy Jazz - full of big guitar chords like E7 A7, D7 and G. A true guitarist's tune!

Djangology - A great bobby melody which Django wrote, inspired by Charlie Parker. The head sounds awesome in unison with a fiddle player and the bridge is pure Reinhardt magic.

and 8 More Gypsy Jazz Classics!

Here's What You'll Get Today
* Gypsy Jazz Songbook 1 and Backing Track CD shipped to your door ($50 value) - covers 11 Gypsy Jazz Classic Tunes!
* Exclusive Songbook System 1 Membership Site - close to 3-hours of video training on these three tunes - Douce Ambiance, Lady Be Good, and Manoir De Mes Reves, along with my Minor Swing and Nuages bonus insight videos. - Instant Access - ($147 value)

By taking action today, you'll get lifetime access to the membership site PLUS the play-along CD and Gypsy Jazz Songbook v1 shipped to your door, all for just $119.

Students Are Loving This!

Robin Nolan’s teaching is clear and easy to follow and has helped me to fulfill a lifetime ambition to play tunes from the Gypsy Jazz repertoire. In less than two years I've learned to play more than 40 tunes and am now performing twice a month with my band ‘Les Foulards Rouges’. 
Conor French, UK

If you are relatively new to this style, or even if you have been doing it for a while, I would highly recommend any and all of Robin Nolan's teaching materials. I happen to have all of them, and it was money very well spent! 
Jim Schaller, US

First with his tutorial books and then with his webinars and Songbook Systems, Robin is legendary for giving us some of the most accessible resources for learning Gypsy Jazz Guitar. 
Charlie Buck, UK

Robin Nolan's lessons and videos are simple to follow and get right to the heart of this wonderful style of music. 6 months after studying with Robin I formed my own gypsy jazz trio and now play paid gigs every weekend all over my home state of Michigan.
Jim Pagel, US

My Guarantee To You: 
"Love it or your money back" - The Gypsy Jazz Songbook System will change your playing forever. Try it out for 30-days and if it's not right for you for any reason just zap me an email and I'll set you up with an immediate no hassle refund. The risk is on me!

Don't Miss Out On This Unique Opportunity To Quickly & Dramatically Improve Your Gypsy Jazz Playing. Sign Up Today Before This Special Ends. Seize The Day! See You Inside!
Once your purchase is approved, you’ll be emailed your private login information to access these valuable video lessons on our private website. You’ll have unlimited lifetime access.
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