Gypsy Jazz Songbook System 2

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Who Else Wants To Master Django's 'Daphne' Along With 9 Other Must-Know
Gypsy Jazz Classics?
You'll Be Playing These Tunes With Confidence At The Jam Tonight!

With the Gypsy Jazz Songbook System volume 2, you'll get access to close to 3-hours of video training on Daphne, I Love You, Belleville, Minor Blues and Octaves. Plus the play-along backing tracks CD and the book shipped straight to your door!

Here's What Life Will Be Like After Today:
  • Explode your gypsy jazz repertoire with these 10 hot tunes & finally learn the authentic chords and melodies played by gypsies.
  • Learn 'Rhythm Changes' gypsy-style and break out these 3 hot Django originals at your next jam - Belleville, Daphne and Swing 42
  • Learn the Four Hip Chords that will set you free to think and play like a Gypsy Jazz Pro.
  • Play with total confidence using my proven 3-step training system. For each tune you'll learn the chords, melody, and play along with me using the included backing tracks CD.
  • Make octaves an exciting feature of your solos by taking a fun and intense deep-dive into this powerful technique. 
  • Master Django's epic 1st chorus on 'Minor Blues' note-for-note and then watch your gypsy cred shoot up at the next jam.
  • Designed for both lead and rhythm players.  Here's the tunes you'll have under your fingers:  Dinette, Minor Blues, Oriental Shuffle, All Of Me, Swing 42, Daphne, Belleville, Rose Room, I Love You, Hungaria, and Rhythm Changes in Bb & C.

In celebration of the rerelease of my famous Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 2, we have created an exclusive membership website containing close to three-hours of video training on Daphne, I Love You, Belleville, Minor Blues and Octaves.

Love These Tunes!
Rose Room - This is vintage Reinhardt and the way he plays the head is so cool I had to put it in the book. The Rosenberg Trio play this version and it's an old charmer full of nostalgia.

Hungaria - This tune is so much fun to jam on with the the chord going up a fret in the 3rd bar a radical concept. The gypsies burn on this and I love to play it both in F and G.

Dinette - This is a super slick melody and I just love the chord progression in the 1st A. It's one of those sophisticated tunes that you hear the French guys playing and wish you new it. Well you do now!

and 7 More Gypsy Jazz Classics!

Here's What You'll Get Today
* Gypsy Jazz Songbook 2 and Backing Track CD shipped to your door ($50 value)
* Exclusive Songbook System 2 Membership Site - close to 3-hours of video training on Daphne, I Love You, Belleville, Minor Blues and Octaves - Instant Access - ($97 value)

By taking action today, you'll get lifetime access to the membership site PLUS the play-along CD and Gypsy Jazz Songbook v2 shipped to your door, all for just $119.

My Guarantee To You:
"Love it or your money back" - The Gypsy Jazz Songbook System will change your playing forever. Try it out for 30-days and if it's not right for you for any reason just zap me an email and I'll set you up with an immediate no hassle refund. The risk is on me!

Once your purchase is approved, you’ll be emailed your private login information to access these valuable video lessons on our private website. You’ll have unlimited lifetime access.
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