Gypsy Jazz Songbook System 3

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Who Else Wants To Master The Cool Gypsy Latin Repertoire With Classics Like 'Bossa Dorado', 'For Sephora', 'Troublant Bolero' & 'Caravan'?

Deep-Dive Video Lessons For You To Master These Classic Gypsy Jazz Tunes
(3+ Hours of Video Training):
Bossa Dorado, For Sephora, and Troublant Bolero

You'll have immediate online access to all the Gypsy Jazz Songbook System volume 3 video lessons (3+ hours of killer content!), PLUS the songbook and play along CD shipped straight to your door when you order today.

Here's Everything You're Getting Today
  • Lifetime Access To The Gypsy Jazz Songbook System v3 Video Lessons Online (3+ Hours Of Video Training)
  • Exclusive Video Lessons Membership Site - You Will Master These Tunes:
    Bossa Dorado, For Sephora, and Troublant Bolero ($147 value)
  • Gypsy Jazz Songbook v3 Book & Play Along Backing Tracks CD Shipped To Your Door ($50 value)
  • Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 3 Classics:
    Troublant Bolero
    Bolero Blue
    Bar del Pi
    Manha De Carnaval
    Luna Tango
    Erster Tango
    Bossa Dorado
    For Sephora
    Number 1
    Mediterranean Blue
  • Immediate Access To All The Video Lessons (24/7 Streaming)
  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

By taking action today, you'll get lifetime access to the membership site PLUS the play-along CD and Gypsy Jazz Songbook v2 shipped to your door, all for just $119 (sale price).

My Guarantee To You: "Love it or your money back" - The Gypsy Jazz Songbook System will change your playing forever. Try it out for 30-days and if it's not right for you for any reason just zap me an email and I'll set you up with an immediate no hassle refund. The risk is on me!

Once your purchase is approved, you’ll be emailed your private login information to access these valuable video lessons on our private website. You’ll have unlimited lifetime access.

Students Are Loving This!
"Thanks for your fantastic books and online courses!!!  I keep learning something different all the time and I’m playing better than ever!"
- David Keary, USA

"I found Robin Nolan’s books and video lessons to be key not only on fast-tracking my introduction to this genre but really fun clear and concise first stop for anyone wanting to explore this style."
- Will Hogan, England

"These lessons have helped me greatly as a Gypsy Jazz player. Robin's teaching is top notch!"
- Lloyd McAllister, Scotland

"Robin Nolan's books and videos go beyond just demonstrating a lick or two, they show you more than just the notes; he helps you understand what and why you are playing what you are playing, so you can absorb it and make it all your own."
- Aaron Walker, USA

"Gypsy guitar is a mysteriously impenetrable art-form but fortunately (for those of us not born in the ashes of a campfire) we have Robin Nolan, whose three decade-long quest to master this unique musical genre has resulted in the perfect guide, complete with the clearest explanations yet available to man for understanding this beautifully haunting and explosive music. Only Robin will get you to truly discover your inner swing!"
- Dom Ferry, Australia

"First with his tutorial books and then with his webinars and Gypsy Secrets Magazine App Robin is legendary for giving us some of the most accessible resources for learning Gypsy Jazz Guitar."
- Charlie Buck, England

"Robin's books and Gypsy a Jazz Secrets magazine have helped open up the world of Django Reinhardt's music to me in a way I've never thought possible. His teaching is clear and easy to follow and has helped me to fulfil a lifetime ambition to play tunes from the Gypsy Jazz repertoire. In less than two years I've learned to play more than 40 tunes and am now performing twice a month with my band Les Foulards Rouges."
- Conor French, England
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